Struggling With Your Health?

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Struggling with health issues that no one can figure out?

We hear this almost every day and we want you to know you are not alone! Traditional medicine often fails to find the root cause of many health struggles.

my symptoms won't go away

Are you tired of symptoms that just won't go away?

Despite being on medication, we often listen to the frustration in our patient’s voice when they explain they are on medication but their symptoms remain. We can help! 

Holistic Health Solutions

Are you dealing with health issues that no one can pinpoint?

We hear from patients that spend years going from doctor to doctor and getting every test under the sun. With no real answers. Sound familiar?

Functional Medicine Labs

your labs are “normal”, but you don’t feel normal

What is in the “normal” range to a traditional medicine doctor isn’t necessarily normal to a functional medicine doctor. We have labs and the training to look at the entire picture, not just one number. 

Tired of feeling sick and tired

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

This has to be the most common complaint that we hear! And no, it is not normal to be tired ALL the time. There are many factors to consider with fatigue, but we can get to the bottom of it and get you feeling better. 

Arizona Functional Medicine Doctor

I feel like I'm just a number at my conventional doctor's office

From quick visits, infrequent follow-ups, to the feeling that your full health history and lifestyle factors aren’t being considered can be discouraging. We offered a personalized approach to your healing journey.

The problem is, traditional healthcare often doesn't address the root cause of your problems.

You may be tired of temporary fixes that don’t address the underlying issues from your traditional doctor. You might even be frustrated or fearful about your health condition. We understand because we hear it from so many of our patients! You are not alone and you have found your community! 

Root cause of disease


Dr. Grady Donohoe

Enter Dr. Grady Donohoe, armed with his own personal experience with Type 1 diabetes, he is committed to imparting deep understanding of chronic health issues.  His life experiences combined with his expertise in functional medicine makes him the perfect teammate on your health journey.  Dr. Grady encourages you to listen to your body and follow the clues it is giving to you. Instead of ignoring them because a traditional physician told you everything was fine, or offered to write you a prescription to mask your symptoms. 

Dr. Grady uses Functional Medicine to offer a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on detecting and addressing the root causes of your health struggles rather than merely treating symptoms.

"Functional medicine seeks not just to mask symptoms, but to understand and address the root whispers of the body, allowing for true healing and harmony from within." - Anonymous

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The plan is simple, Dr. Grady will lay out a personalized approach for getting to the source of your health complaints.

Once the issues have been identified, he will help you to create a daily plan to heal your body and become the best version of yourself.

It is a team approach that requires you to put in the work too. But the end result means a lifetime of health and happiness.

Root cause of disease

connect with a holistic medicine doctor who shares your values and beliefs about health and wellness

Holistic Medicine

Functional Nutrition

discover how the food you eat can be your greatest ally in achieving your wellness goals

Functional Nutrition

Applied Kinesiology

is applied kinesiology right for you?

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Holistic Doctor Virtual Visit

Live outside of Arizona? Find out if a Virtual visit is the right fit

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Are you ready to take control of your health?

 Let’s work together to uncover the source of your health concerns and address them head-on. Don’t let another month, year, 5 years or 20 years go by where you spend your day struggling with your health.

Imagine waking up and saying, I feel amazing!

Dr. Grady wants that for you! 

Without addressing the root causes of your health concerns, you risk persistent symptoms, ongoing frustration,

and potential worsening of your condition over time.

Don't let that be your story.