Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a system used to investigate dysfunction in the body, and then how to restore that function. It assesses changes in neuro-muscular facilitation in response to a stimulus. This allows us to quickly identify and correct the important factors contributing to the symptoms the patients are experiencing. 

Bridging Body, Mind, and Optimal Health

You’ve likely heard the term before – “your labs look normal.” Yet, deep down, you sense something isn’t right. That nagging chronic fatigue, unexplained pain, or the elusive brain fog that traditional medicine struggles to decipher. Enter the realm of Applied Kinesiology (AK) – a world where we listen to the subtle whispers of your body, combining holistic and functional medicine principles to unlock your health’s full potential.


Applied Kinesiology, at its core, is a method used to diagnose and treat imbalances in the body. It’s rooted in the belief that every organ dysfunction is accompanied by a weakness in a specific muscle. Through muscle testing and other holistic techniques, we can pinpoint and address these underlying issues, ensuring every facet of your health is harmonized.

Applied Kinesiology

Why Applied Kinesiology Might Be the Answer for You

Personalized Care: Applied Kinesiology offers an individualized approach, diving deeper than standard tests.
It resonates especially for those with conditions like:

Holistic Approach: We don’t just chase symptoms. We aim to uncover the root cause, ensuring sustainable, long-term health solutions.

Complementary Treatment: Applied Kinesiology seamlessly integrates with other holistic and functional medicine strategies, providing a comprehensive wellness plan tailored for you.

Your Journey Towards Holistic Health Starts Here

If you’ve been brushed aside by traditional medicine or feel trapped in a cycle of inconclusive tests, it’s time to explore a new path. A path that truly acknowledges your feelings, understands your concerns, and most importantly, aims to elevate your health to its optimal state.

Ready to Rediscover Your Best Self?

Don’t let “normal” be your health benchmark. You deserve to thrive, not just survive. Whether you’re local or across the globe, our dedicated team is ready to guide you through the transformative journey.

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